"Excellent results and always forthcoming with new ideas and suggestions on how to improve the campaigns performance"

Project info

Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Google Adwords Campaigns and SEO.

  •    C&L Industrial – Atlas Copco IRL
  •    February 2016


Website was not ranking after their redesign, we were commissioned to improve their rankings and develop a digital marketing strategy including google ads.


After a recent website redesign C&L noticed a drop in traffic to their website, we were able to look at their new website and we were able to quickly notice what needed to be done to rectify the problems of their lower rankings, we also were asked to look at their digital marketing campaigns to see if we could also improve their conversions.

As it stands 3 months in we have 21 % of their SEO keyword phrases appearing on page 1 of Google and 65% of their keyword phrases at the top of page 2, all of their keyword phrases were not in the top 10 pages on Google  before we started the project, so this was a complete turnaround, we look forward to getting all of their keyword phrases to page 1 of Google within the next 7 months.

We were able to revamp C&L’s Google Adwords campaign to ensure that their spend was performing to its full potential, within 8 days of revamping we were able to increase their quality score and bring down their average CPC, we also set up a video and re marketing campaign and this has also been very effective.

Overall bounce rate on their website has dropped and now the length of time besing spent on it has increased, we have been able to set up goals on analytics and we have integrated analytics in their google ads campaign to ensure transparency across organic and paid search.