Content Marketing & what it can do for your business.

The Buzzwords in SEO right now are Content Marketing. But what is it? & more importantly what can it bring to your buisness?

Well Content Marketing is all about creating quality content that people like to read and possibly share with their friends, family or workmates. It is now becoming clear that google is preferring Quality content over Quantity, so with this in mind here are a few tips to get you started.

First of all go to googles Keyword Planner & check out the keywords that are being used that maybe of relevance to your business.

Secondly create quality information that is relevant / interesting / funny / educational / etc that the reader will share, why not use an incentive to help with your content marketing plan.

Find out who the industry experts bloogers are within your sector and try to get them involved. This can make a huge impact in a very short time frame.

For more information on Content Marketing why not speak to us today and we can fill you in?