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The new buzz word in SEO

Chances are, if you have googled Content Marketing and arrived on our webpage you may already know a little bit about content marketing and you are looking for a company to look after it for you.

Content Marketing is all about producing and sharing quality content in order to attract and convert potential customers into customers, the content created should be interesting, educational or informative, it also needs to be able to create trust in your business.

Here we put together some of our content marketing tips

  • Do you use powerpoint for presentations ? If you do why not pop it onto slideshare ? you can then embed it and share.
  • Create videos and use do informative posts – make sure that your videos a short but informative then do a bit of informative text about the video and pop it into your blog – then share it.
  • Im sure like me you send out loads of emails every week answering questions from customers and potential customers, well how about doing a blog about popular questions and pooping it up on your blog.
  • Who are the industry movers and shakers ? do you think people might be interested in a list of  people that your company looks up to or finds interesting.
  • Try to find a niche that you are good at, for example lets say you are a roofing contractor you may want to talk about the pits falls of flat roofs or the benefits of fibreglass flat roofs. So instead of it being about roofing repairs your highlighting yourself as a flat roof specialist.
  • Educate to communicate, knowledge is a powerful gift, the more you can share your knowledge (know how) about your product/service the more likely it is that someone is going to stumble upon it and get in contact with you.
  • Be Helpful, think what it is your potential customers are looking for from you and offer your help in which ever way you can, digitally of course.

Here is a great article on Content Marketing by Moz that explains about it further

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