Email Marketing

Email marketing is a simple medium with great return.

These days it is beneficial to get your message out there, and there have never been so many ways to do it.

While the Irish Market has not fully engaged the SMS Marketing trends seen around the world, Email marketing is still a huge influence in conversion and customer retention.

Companies like Mailchimp allow new customers to send really beautiful emails to up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month for FREE. Thats a great leg up for anyone starting out with the idea.

The interface is really easy to use and you can easily create a pretty email to your clients.

You can personalise the email to your customers and use their first name and other info you may have already.


Capturing Leads:

So you have a contact us form on your website and if anyone fills it in, you get an email.
Thats how it should be but you can go further here. The form can automatically add that person to the list of contacts in MailChimp.

The next campaign you send will automatically include anyone who has contacted you through your website.

So once you import your contacts, this will keep new website leads up to date. It also handles duplicates for you and unsubscribed people are also removed so ZERO management on the list part.


You can see a huge amount of information about the mails you send.
Were they opened?
Did anyone click any of the links in your email?
What device were they on?
Did they share the email with anyone?

This is all hugely informative if you are emailing regularly about several products or services.

Your next mail shot can be split up emphasise Product A for those who showed an interest in the last email,
and Product B for the others etc etc.

Its worth taking the time to pull your contacts email addresses and setup a campaign to see what it can do for you.

Get the feel of MailChimp and see how quickly you can be delivering beautiful Email Marketing campaigns to your customers.

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Up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month

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