Examples of good SEO

We are going to showcase a few working examples of Good SEO, the examples are at the bottom of this article if you want to just cut to the chase, but before you do we know this webpage is on page 1 of Google in UK, Ireland, USA & Australia and receives hundreds of visits a month internationally, so if you are needing SEO advice in then email me or call us and have a chat, we will answer any questions that you have and we will even carry out a €100 SEO audit of your website FOC.

Every SEO project is different & some keywords & keyword phrases are much harder than others to get a top page ranking. Remember to create quality content, this is a major factor and will help your website rank on google, SEO is made up of many different components each one if done correctly will help in your over all ranking on Google

The 8 Key components for effective SEO

  • First is Keyword & Keyword Phrase research
  • Title Tags & Meta Description are one of the most important elements in SEO
  • Optimise the content within each web page
  • Get your website on Google plus & local citation sites like yelp and start getting reviews
  • Create a content marketing campaign, or start to look into it.
  • Alt image tags, make sure these are not just numbers, name them with SEO in mind.
  • Use SEO plugins like Yoast
  • Google Analytics & Google Search Console, set it up and monitor it.

It is very rare to get good SEO results without doing all of what I have just mentioned, granted sometimes you will get websites to appear on the first page of Google without doing all this, but they are becoming a rare breed these days.

So what are the SEO results experienced by companies that have implemented SEO effectively ?


SEO Example 1:  Sunglasses.ie

Brief: Re-designed website went live 2017, we re-designed the website from worked with the Robbie closely in the creation of the content for the keyword phrases that they wished to be found on google for, now the website ranks number 1 position for hundreds of keyword phrases including “sunglasses” The website has over 10,000 visitors per month. Make sure you google them and see where they rank.

Organic traffic to this website is now 10000 plus visitors a month

SEO Example 2: www.allguardroofing.ie

Brief: The customer has had a lot of input in the styling of this website, it is fair to say that we would have a different style to it than what the customer wanted but we had to work with the customers needs, as it stands Allguard Roofing ranks in the No1 spot for the keyword “Roofers” and ranks on page 1 for 87 keyword phrases.

Organic traffic to this website is now 900 plus visitors a month


SEO Example 3:  www.themoogs.ie

Brief: This band was way down on page 9 & 10 of Google when we took over their website, within weeks we had them on page 1, this was done by creating better onsite SEO for their website, they already had really good links coming to the website and simply be letting google know what they were about we were able to get them out the door with bookings.

Organic traffic to this website is now 2300 plus visitors a month

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