Free Seo Website Report for Irish SME’s

We are proud to be able to offer 50 Irish SME’s a chance to have there website professionally audited & produce an SEO Report that will help you increase the visibility of your website.

The first phase of this offers is an Discovery interview to get to know your business & familiarize ourselves with your products, services, usp’s, target audience & competition. This is a key element to developing a professional online marketing plan for your business.

Stage 2 of developing the SEO Report consists of looking into your website & evaluating what it’s strengths and weeknesses are, this consists of domain, website architecture, speed, link popularity, page construction, content, etc. Basically we strip your website down & discover what is not making it perform well.

The 3 stage consists of looking at Keywords that your business would benefit being found for, we will compile a list of relevant keywords & phrases that will maximise your website potential for being found. We will then provide you with details of how to implement these keyword phrases into a succesful SEO campaign.

Stage 4 is normally a favourite of business owners, we will look at 2 businesses that are appearing on the first page of Google organically for keywords that your business also wants to appear for, we will then provide you with a full report of how there doing it & how you can do it to.

Once all four stages are completed we will then forward you the SEO Report completley free for the first 50 Irish SME’s businesses who fill in our contact us using the term FREE SEO REPORT

Our Web Design team is also at hand should you have any website related querries, so do not hestitate to contact us with any website or SEO questions. proudly developing websites & online solutions for Irish Businesses for over 13 Years.