Google Local has just gone from 7 places to 3 places

Being in the right spot = your customers come to you.

Getting found on Google Local just got harder do you need to get into the right spot ?

Google has in the last week made another change with its view of local businesses that you may have noticed, there are now only 3 companies in the local maps unless you click for more.

Up until last week there were up to 7 companies normally shown on the Google local listings on desktop views but they now seem to be going down the same view as a google mobile search by only offering 3 companies.

It is yet to be determined if this change is going to stick or wether google revert back to the 7 pack, but one thing is for sure if you were in D postion on the Google local listing you are probably finding that you are recieving far less traffic to your website.

Websites like Moz & Search Engine Watch have gone into great detail about this recent update by google and I really would suggest that if you are a SME that you take a look at what they have had to report.

A really quick way of checking out where you are appearing is to use tools like SEO Profiler this tool has a really cool feature that allows you to view keywords that appear in local search as well as on a normal non local view.

If you are wanting to see where you rank manually remember to go incognito or do a private search, depending on which browser you use.  This will give you a more accurate view of where your website is appearing as it will not bring up websites that you may be stored in the cache of your PC.