"We needed 124 videos created and integrated into our website for our members, we were delighted by the fact that the net took care of everything from the creation to the integration"

Project info

Video Creation – Website Management


Video Creation, Video editing and integration into website for training purposes.


LIA is one of Irelands leading professional education and development association for people who work in all areas of the Financial Services industry. The Lia wanted to document on video all of there training seminars and allow there members to view these at there leisure.

We worked closely with the LIA and the video production team to ensure that we were able to develop the videos in a manner that was professional and educational to their members.

This project had to be completed within a very tight timeframe, we were delighted to have been able to have signed off on the project 8 days ahead of schedule, this allowed the LIA extra time to allocate to the launch of this new training platform.