Examples of Good SEO

Examples of good SEO

Good SEO Example

Every month we are going to showcase a working example of Good SEO, this month we took on a beauty salon in the city centre of Dublin, as you can imagine the beauty salon sector is a very competitive one, so after consulting with the client we decided in order to keep costs down for the initially we would carry out SEO on 4 keyword phrases, we would then be able to analyse the results over the coming months & expand on the keyword phrases.

Every SEO project is different & some keywords & keyword phrases are much harder than others to get a top page ranking. With this particular job we had to make some minor SEO changes to there website, we also had to carry out a lot of Onsite & Offsite SEO, both of these if done correctly can have dramatic effects in raising the website to the first page of Google.

The other work that we carried out on this project was to produce a couple of Videos for the website, we also made sure that we produced a mobile version of there website & carried out some Social media work.  It is very rare to get good SEO results without doing all of what I have just mentioned, granted sometimes you will get websites to appear on the first page of Google without doing all this, but they are becoming a rare breed these days.

So what were the SEO results on this project & how quickly have they come about?

Shower Repairs

We have been looking after Colm website for 3 years now and during this time the website has probably changed positions about 3 times,  Colm started his own business fixing showers and so this was a brand new website that we created for him, we are pleased now to have developed 2 websites that rank on page 1 for over 56 keyword phrases  Here is his ranking for 3 main keywords

www.showerrepairsdublin.com    www.theshowerpeople.com

  • Shower repairs   Pos 2 & Pos 4
  • Shower repair dublin  Pos 1, Pos 2, Pos 4 & Pos 5
  • Shower installation Pos 1 & Pos 5

We have managed to get this website into the top 5 rankings for 56 keyword phrases across TWO stand alone websites.


Well lets start by saying that the results on this project exceeded our expectations, first of all we got the website from being outside the first 10 pages of google to being on the first page of google for 3 out of the 4 keyword phrases within 3 weeks, the other keyword phrase is on the top of page two. Why not view a couple of the search terms for yourself on Google.ie and see.  Akina is the website to look out for.

  • laser beauty treatment
  • fungal nail treatment

As you can see these are now appearing near the top of the first page & within a couple of months should be in the number 1 or 2 position.  This has resulted in a dramatic increase in the amount of visitors now coming onto the Akina website.

Even though we only carried out work on 4 keyword phrases for Akina they are now appearing on the first page of Google for over 12 other keyword phrases simply because we have carried out extensive SEO work on the Akina website.

We will keep you posted on further posts of Akina SEO rankings.

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