Link Building for SEO

Well, we have put this page together to hopefully give you some insight into why link building is important.

The use of links is measured by Google as an authority of a web page, Google’s algorithm monitors the links coming into a web page, it then rewards that web page with a higher ranking if it feels that the webpage is attracting quality & relevant links.

Building quality links will increase your website ranking. FACT

First of all let me start by saying that you can build links relatively cheaply by buying hundreds or thousands of links  from various different companies, however we do not recommend that you go down this road.  First of all Google brought out a new algorithm called Penguin in April 2012 which was designed to weed out websites that were using links in a manner not befitting of Google, for more information please go to the wiki page

The last thing any business owner wants is to get a top listing on Google only to see a few months later that website has been found out by google and disapears down the rankings, there are a number of businesses that are still trying to recover from Google’s Penguin changes & Google will keep on improving & updating their Penguin Algorithm.  So don’t go for the quick fix in link building, its just not worth it.

What link Building techniques are your competitors using to get to the top of Google?

We use the best SEO software that TOP SEO Consultants use, therefor we are able to look into what links your competitors are getting & create a report on every single link they have.  We can then analyze this report and advise you on the best route to surpass there link building campaign.  It really is a light bulb moment when we produce the report for customers and they see the link building work that went on to get there competitors website to the top of Google.

Link Building do it right.

Let me start by saying that we were tempted to buy links to give our website a higher ranking, creating links is time consuming and not very exiting, in fact it’s just plain boring, thankfully we came to our senses and we didn’t, the reason we didn’t is that we don’t know what changes Google has ahead & what punishments they will inflict on websites who are not playing by Googles rules.

Contact us today to find out what links your competitors have and how we can better it.

We do not buy links for businesses, we build quality links that fall within Google Webmaster best practice.