Website Design Grants Ireland

Web Design Grants & Online Trading Vouchers

There are a couple of options that are available to businesses looking to create a website or to develop an online marketing campaign for their company.  Some of these grants are not available so we recommend that you check with your local enterprise board to ensure that they are available in your area.

Option 1: Online Trading Voucher:  Grant Max €2500

Small businesses throughout Ireland can now apply to the government for digital vouchers to the system in helping their businesses trade online.  1000 vouchers will be available for qualifying businesses through the network of 31 Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) between now and the end of 2014 with more on offer next year.

The objective of the scheme is to help small businesses grow their sales, exports and ultimately jobs.  Businesses will be able to apply for grants of up to €2500 as Government has allocated  €5million for the rollout of the trading online voucher scheme.  This follows on the success of a pilot in Dublin City.

There are 2000 of these available up unit the end of 2015.  More information on this grant can be found by clicking here

Option 2: Website Grants:  Grant Max €1500

Currently Only rolled out in MEATH and WEST MEATH

The Web Development Grant can be availed of for website development by established small businesses operating in manufacturing or the internationally traded services sectors.  The grant is designed to part-fund the cost of creating or developing, by an Irish software development company, of a commercial web presence with an e-commerce facility.

Grant Terms

  • The grant covers 50% of eligible costs up to a maximum of €1,500 (excluding VAT).
  • Only third party costs qualify, that is, cost of work you have commissioned others to do.
  • All applications must be accompanied with three written quotations. If the cost of the website is less than €1,000, then one written and two verbal quotes will suffice.
  • Only websites that include an e-commerce functionality (i.e. the ability to purchase products or services online) qualify for assistance.
  • Expenditure incurred prior to grant approval is ineligible.
  • All applications are subject to evaluation and priority will be given to applicants who do not currently have a web presence.

Click here of to go to local enterprise meath web development grant page