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Why not get a Google Partner Company like thenet.ie to look after your Google Ad Campaigns?

As PPC experts, our primary goal is to ensure you succeed in business, so we make sure we are always a step ahead of all the latest updates and trends on Google Ads and Google Shopping.

We are the one of Ireland’s top Pay Per Click agencies. Our aim is to understand your goals and create a transparent solution, that produces results.

Success for us only occurs when your business succeeds. We strongly believe in providing the highest return for your online investment.

Thenet.ie Pay Per Click Adwords Campaigns can be set up on a budget to meet your needs, we can develop a PPC package that will let you test out how effective Google Adwords can be for your business. *A minimum Spend €500 per month on Google Adwords is required.

Our PPC Management Campaigns Gets Your Business Real Results Fast

  1. Negative Keywords  – Are you making proper use of negative keywords? Or are you wasting hundreds, even thousands of Euros per month on irrelevant keywords that never convert?
  2. Landing Page Optimization – Landing pages usually means more targeted messaging. Our design team works with our AdWords team to ensure that we maximise your quality score
  3. Conversion Tracking – So many businesses have failed to set this up, find out how to maximise your CPA.
  4. Google Ads Quality Score – High-Quality Scores have a major impact on your ROI, improving your rankings and lowering your costs.
  5. Click-Through Rate (CTR) – CTR is a measure of how targeted your ads are. If your CTR is low, you may be losing ground to competing advertisers.
  6. Account Activity – You need to spend active time in your account, we are active daily on your AdWords campaigns.
  7. Impression Share – How often do your ads appear as a result of relevant search queries? Increased impression share can improve exposure and multiply your lead generation results.
  8. Long-Tail Keyword Optimisation – Are you utilizing longer, more targeted keywords in your campaigns? If not, you’re missing opportunities to grab high-intent, low-cost traffic.
  9. Ad Text Optimisation – Are you writing enough text ads to get a strong performance in terms of impressions, clicks, CTR and ad ranking?
  10. Mobile Advertising – With mobile traffic growing at 200% each year, it’s crucial to stay on top of mobile PPC best practices like call extensions, site links, and mobile-optimized text ads.
  11. PPC Best Practices – Are you adhering to the proven best practices that PPC experts follow to ensure optimal AdWords performance?

PPC Management Pricing
Our pricing for PPC campaigns varies, but we can easily set up small campaigns for those businesses looking to dip their toe into the Google AdWords.

Some of the (SEM) Pay Per Click Services Provided are:

  • Advanced Optimum Keyword Phrase Search
  • Quality Score Management
  • Professional Adwords Management
  • Highly Targeted Campaigns
  • Insightful Market Research
  • Creative & Relevant Ad Texts
  • Optional Graphical design for image adverts
  • Optional Video Creation for video adverts for YouTube
  • Relevant Landing Pages
  • Advanced Tracking
  • Google Adwords PDF Reporting

We can deliver quality results for your business & we will ensure that we work to a budget that is within your needs.

Here is the link to our Google Partners Badge

Why not contact us today and we will give you details on how effective Google ads are working for businesses within your sector.

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