PPC VS SEO illustration of two live websites that sell the same service but one runs on SEO & the other is on PPC

Infogram of PPC vs SEO Campaign of 2 Live Irish websites selling the same service in Dublin.

We recently ran a report for one of our customers who has 2 websites with us selling the same service but under two individual websites. The first website we carried out extensive SEO work on & it appears at the top of the Google for over 220 search terms, the other is running on a Google adwords campaign, both websites both get transferred to the same company both in orders via telephone & via online orders so we are able to provide an accurate conversion percentage for both websites.

What we found is that SEO has the edge over PPC, but not by much. Have a look at the infogram below & see for yourself, but if there is profit to be made by doing SEO & PPC then do both, we do. 

[frame target=”_lightbox” icon=”image” align=”left” border=”1″] PPC Versus SEO Example of two Irish website campaigns [/frame]