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A Real Search Engine Marketing Solution, For Small To Medium Sized Irish Business Owners

Trying to develop a search engine marketing solution for today’s Irish SME’s can be a daunting task, do you look at doing it in-house or do you employ the services of an outside agency?

There are pro’s & con’s if you do it in-house or employ an agency, thank fully we have developed a search engine marketing solution that allows Irish SME’s to test what a professionally maintained Search Engine Marketing Campaign will bring to there business without breaking your Marketing budget.

“I was recommended to thenet by a friend of mine runs a small business, he had told me how busy he was and at the time I was not getting much work in at all, 4 years have gone by since then and I am flat out with work, the lads at thenet really were a game changer to my business”

 C.Murray | | Dublin


SEM starter package for Irish SME’s

Most Irish SME’s have noticed a change in direction in the way that their potential customers find there products or services since the expansion of Irish users on mobile, tablet, laptop & PC devices. This market is only going in one direction and that is up, especially mobile & tablet devices.

The opportunity is there for Irish SME’s to build there business using Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click or Pay Per Impression campaigns. But do all of these suit your business needs? if so how quickly do they work & how much do you need to spend?

That is why we have developed a starter search engine marketing “SEM” package that incorporates our expertise in SEM along with your knowledge of your business sector.

Our Search Engine Marketing starter package allows you to see search engine marketing results first hand & allows you to decide if you would like to proceed with a professionally run a longer term Search Engine Marketing Campaign for your business.
What we have to offer in this SEM Starter Package is listed below.

  • One hour consultation with our Search Engine Marketing Professional,
    including fact find of your business, market place, competition, customers base, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization on one element of business needs “example, a beauty salon may want to be found for IPL hair removal, we will analyse the market & see if this term is going to be of benefit to the customer or would laser hair removal create more business for them”
  • SEO  website page copywriting  for agreed search term
  • Full SEO analysis report  for your business website
  • Social Media integration & management for 1 month.
  • Google Adword’s Campaign set up & €75 worth of advertising assigned to account for 1 month
  • Google place for business set up.
  • Yelp, Qype, Sayso & other local Directories link building integration for better SEO & Company awarness

We are able to offer this package to you for only €449 ex VAT.

As you can see this price allows you to see exactly what the benefits will be to your business of running a search engine marketing campaign & allows you to make an informed decision on if it is the path that your business should take.

GET YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE TODAY WITH €2,500 from the Local Enterprise Office

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