Why are we spelling search engine optimization with a Z instead of with an S, well it comes down to there being more searches in Ireland carried on on Google with it being spelt with a Z, there are 560 searches spelt with a Z compared to 320 with an S, its the simple search engine optimization research that you do when commencing good SEO that can make all the difference to gaining business or losing out on business.

Lets take another example of say Tv repairs & tv repair, have a look on google for these search terms and you will get different results on who is appearing on the first page of google, now if we look at how many searches there are you may be surprised to find out the following:

Search Terms

  • tv repair
  • tv repairs
  • tv repair dublin
  • tv repairs dublin


  • searches per month: 46
  • searches per month: 73
  • searches per month: 110
  • searches per month:  210

Did this surprise you?

As you are probably aware Google now operates on predictive search so it is always wise to check what predictive words google throws up when people are searching for your service, that is why search engine optimization is now a necessity for business owners who want to gain market share in this very tough Irish market place.

A Successful Search Engine Optimization begins with researching your market

Successful Search Engine Optimization is relatively simple, it is not rocket science, it is simply about researching what others are doing to appear on the top of Google & developing a Search Engine Optimization strategy to get your website up there to.

It is vital that you do not choose a specialist Search Engine Optimization or SEO company that only works on SEOthe reason behind this that no matter how well you rank on Google, there is no point if your website is not developed / designed in a way that is user friendly. In  order to get the best Search Engine Optimization results you also have to look make sure that you have good web design, great web functionality & calls to action in place to ensure that that your Search Engine Optimization campaign is used to it’s full potential.

Our Search Engine Optimization packages are individually priced, as each search engine optimization job is always unique, but we will always give you a price that is transparent & will create the maximum return for your investment.