Search Engine Optimization



Understanding your business  
Having a clear understanding of your company, products, services, audience, goals and ambitions allows us to create a plan that will target your market place and audience.


What does your current website do well
Is there room for improvement? Is your website converting? These are just a few of the 47 different points we look at when we analyise your website. We build websites that succeed.


We analyse your competitors websites
It never ceases to amaze our customers when they look at the data we can produce showing what sort of business there competitors are getting. Why not book an appointment and see


What people are searching for
Using our information gathered in discovery, we use no less than 4 different software tools to put together a keyword analysis report. Ranking for the right keyword phrases is the essential to your success.


It’s not always about getting visitors to your site
It’s about getting the right kind of visitors. We have passed our Google Analytics exams to ensure that we can provide you with the website traffic information that you need to make your website successful.


Content Marketing is the the buzz word right now
Matt Cutts announced that it is a major ranking factor on Google, but what does it all mean? How do you ensure that your content pleases Google and your potential customers? We have the know how.


Increased traffic is great but …
ensuring that you convert as many of them into customers as possible is even better. Having your visitors perform a desired action on your website is the driving force behind your websites success

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[us_testimonial style=”3″ author=” C.Murray ” company=””] I was recommended to thenet by a friend of mine runs a small business, he had told me how busy he was and at the time I was not getting much work in at all, 4 years have gone by since then and I am flat out with work, the lads at thenet really were a game changer to my business[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial style=”3″ author=”Garry Mc Ginty – Owner” company=”Pacon Waste Management”]Choosing to let create and maintain our Digital Marketing campaigns changed the business in a matter of months. Without a doubt, the best move we have made towards growing our business.[/us_testimonial]
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[us_testimonial style=”3″ author=”John Lawless – Owner” company=””]I had no idea how much my business could expand and grow from Digital Marketing.
We use video, web, branding, AdWords and incredible Organic Results. have delivered every step of the way and they are still there to manage and advise me anytime.[/us_testimonial]

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The Big Question

We get phone calls daily to our office and one of the first questions that we get asked is how much do we charge for SEO?  Now in all honesty we cannot answer that question until we do a discovery, once we have done the discovery we can then put together a plan, timeframe and a cost analysis that will allow you to decide what works best for you.

Suited to your needs

We specialise in working with small to medium sized Irish businesses who want to get better results from their website, we understand that you want to see results and that you want to keep the costs of achieving those results to as low as possible, with that in mind we tailor every package to meet and exceed our customers expectations.

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