SEO Google places Tips Ireland

Google places for business & some tips to get on the first page.

Do you ask yourself why is it that other businesses are appearing on google places but yours isn’t?  Well we will provide you with some tips that may help you get into that top listing.

  1. First of all lets start with the basics, you need to get your business info to be 100% complete. Check to see what yours is and make sure that it is at that crucial 100%.  It’s amazing how many times we open up a clients google places account and find that all we need to do is fill in the google places page and within no time there business is appearing on the first page.
  2. Start asking for your customers to review your business. It can be that simple, ask your customers to post a review and thank them or reward them for it.  The more feedback you get the better you will look in googles eyes.
  3. Get your local customers to upload photos to your google places page, the more active your google places page is the better the results will be for your business.
  4. Make sure that you get reviews posted on the likes of / Citylocal / Sayso etc, these need to have the same company details as on your google places listing.  These will eventually trickle down to your google places listing.

There are a number of other websites that can help you find out more information about optimisation of your google local places, but I have left a link here from an article that I read.

Please feel free to leave any tips or tricks that have helped your business get to the top of google places.