SEO Tips for 2013, Website Speed

SEO Tip to look out for in 2013: Website upload Speed.

Well what SEO changes will Google come up with in 2013? We have had Penguin & Panda so are they going to come up with something like Panther in 2013? Who knows it is anybody’s guess. What most SEO experts are saying is that a websites upload speed might have  more of an effect on a websites rankings in 2013, in fact Google now has an invitation only Webpage speed  service  where you are invited to submit your website & it will speed up the upload time of it by as much as 40%.

Most SEO Experts are now predicting that 2013 will see Googles algorithm changing to accomate faster quicker websites & websites that are uploading faster above the fold, we will be experimenting over the upcoming months to see what difference this makes to the ranking of websites and we will report the SEO findings in our News page & on Facebook.