The importance of keeping your SEO Consultant in the Loop when carrying out changes to your website

Good ongoing SEO is important as one of our customers recently found out.

To begin with let me start by saying that I won’t mention names, but I was recently putting together a proposal for a company who was looking for an SEO quote for their website, the website happened to be in a sector that we had successfully conquered for other websites. So when I was putting together the proposal I went and did my search on to see exactly where the business was and much to my surprise it had disappeared from the top of page 1, it wasn’t even on page 2,3,4,or 5 for that matter. Scratching my head i wondered why,  the content had some slight changes but I was fully aware of the updated wording as I had screened it before it went live.  Eventually I noticed that they had changed domain names, after 2 hours of looking and trying to work out what had gone wrong we were able to see exactly what the issue was.

We were then able to go to Google webmaster tools and fix the problem and we are now starting to see the website rise up the rankings again. Thank fully it is rising quickly.

Although it was the customer who changed the domain name and didn’t bother to contact his SEO Consultant about the change, it does not take away from the fact that it is really important to Consult any changes to your website with your SEO Consultant.  This problem would not have been a problem if we were told and made the necessary steps to please the search engines.  Now we just have to wait until we get the customer back to the top of page 1 which hopefully wont be too long now.

Our customer learned from this mistake the hard way as he has had to fork out more on google adwords until we have him back at the top, so please don’t make the same mistake.