Web Designers with SEO for 2013

Web Designers with SEO, thenet offers a Free SEO Website Health Check for 2013

Happy New Year to you, we hope that 2013 is the year that Ireland starts to see a recovery.Web Design with SEO.  We have noticed an sharp increase in the amount of phone calls that we have been receiving from business looking to develop an SEO strategy for there websites, so we have decided to offer a free SEO website health check for SME’s based in Ireland.

You can get your free SEO website Health check by simply filling in the form by clicking on SEO Website Health Check, once this form has been filled in one of our SEO Experts will contact you to go through a very quick SEO check with you, then we will run the SEO test & send you on the SEO Results.

What will an SEO developed website do for your business in 2013?

One of our customers noted that there orders went up 24% in the first 4 weeks that there website was appearing on the first page of Google working it of the previous month and this can be echoed across various other websites that we have carried out SEO work on.  If your website already has google analytics it is very easy to view the results that SEO can bring to a business website, so even if you are not going to get SEO work carried out just yet, always make sure that your website has google analytics set up, so once you do decide to get an SEO expert,  you will be able to clearly see the difference that they have made to increasing the amount of people viewing your website.

Web Design with SEO, why not just get an SEO company?

We know a lot of SEO companies that are very good at getting you to the top of Google & that is great, but what happens if you are on the first page of Google & you are still not getting the orders or enquires ? this is mostly down to the SEO company looking at getting you found under a search term & not looking at what your potential visitors are going to view, what is the point of paying an SEO company to drive traffic to your website if the webpage the land on does not convince them to stay?  We are a web design company with over 12 years in high quality website design & we employ SEO experts to carry out SEO work on your website so we have the ability to advise you on the best solution to suit your individual business needs.